ASHRAE 1801-RP Resource Files

ASHRAE RP-1801 Standardizing and Utilizing ASHRAE Online BIM Data Exchange Protocols

Purpose of this Site

This site has been developed as a data portal for HVAC&R equipment building information model (BIM) datasets containing properties facilitating operations and maintenance (O&M) activities.  The datasets are currently documented in spreadsheet data templates for public review (see below) and in XML (eXstensible Markup Language) neutral format files.

Users can download equipment property datasets for use within their software tools. For example, as illustrated below, an MEP Designer could download a pump dataset and import it into, or recreate it in, an MEP design tool.  The pump property values can then be updated by other users as the project progresses though its life cycle, ultimately being handed over to the Facility Manager for populating a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to support facility asset management in the occupied building.

Project Objective

This site and its contents have been developed as part of the ASHRAE funded research project RP-1801, a follow-on project to RP-1609 “Defining the Capabilities, Needs and Current Limitations of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Operations and Maintenance for HVAC&R.”

The objective of this research project was to bring data exchange protocols based on ASHRAE publications, to useable completion and availability by: 1) aligning ASHRAE exchange protocols with relevant existing BIM standards, 2) creating neutral format data content downloadable from this ASHRAE data repository (, and 3) documenting end-user guidance to support ASHRAE members in implementing these data exchange protocols in the adoption of BIM in their professional practice.

End User Guide

User Guide Utilizing ASHRAE Online BIM Data Exchange Protocols (PDF 450KB)

A user guide for accessing RP-1801 data sets and using them during design, equipment procurement and installation, and facility handover to support the RP-1801 work process. The step-by-step guidance includes discussion and illustrative videos to help understand this work process.

Overview Files

Introduction to RP-1801 (PDF 212KB)

An introduction to 1801-RP, including background, objectives, and primary project tasks.

RP-1801 Process and Data Diagrams (PPTX 91KB)

Informational diagrams of: RP-1801 Data Process Flow, previously developed RP-1609 Data Group Relational Structure, focused extension of RP-1609 data structure with additional property sets - RP-1801 O&M Asset Data Group Relational Structure.

Overview Spreadsheet Documentation

OM-10 Manage Asset O&M Documentation (XLSX 80KB)

Overarching documentation of the RP-1801 work process use case based on the ASHRAE Guideline 20 protocol.

Example Content Data Spreadsheet Files

Spreadsheet documentation of example equipment data sheets for the following equipment types: Air Handler, Boiler, Control System, Cooling Coil, Energy Recovery Unit, Fan, Heating Coil, Motor, Packaged Unit, and Pump.

Equipment Type Data Sheet Example (XLSX 31KB)

Example Data Sheet for Equipment Type properties common to all types of equipment.

Equipment Component Data Sheet Example (XLSX 26KB)

Example Data Sheet for Equipment Component properties common to all components (instances) of equipment in a facility.

Air Handler Data Sheet Example (XLSX 23KB)

Example Data Sheet for Air Handler equipment components (instances)

Boiler Data Sheet Example (XLSX 22KB)

Example Data Sheet for Boiler equipment components (instances)

Control System Data Sheet Example (XLSX 22KB)

Example Data Sheet for Control System equipment components (instances)

Cooling Coil Data Sheet Example (XLSX 23KB)

Example Data Sheet for Cooling Coil equipment components (instances)

Energy Recovery Unit Data Sheet Example (XLSX 22KB)

Example Data Sheet for Energy Recovery equipment components (instances)

Fan Data Sheet Example (XLSX 20KB)

Example Data Sheet for Fan equipment components (instances)

Heating Coil Data Sheet Example (XLSX 22KB)

Example Data Sheet for Heating Coil equipment components (instances)

Motor Data Sheet Example (XLSX 21KB)

Example Data Sheet for Motor equipment components (instances)

Packaged Unit Data Sheet Example (XLSX 23KB)

Example Data Sheet for Packaged Unit equipment components (instances)

Pump Data Sheet Example (XLSX 22KB)

Example Data Sheet for Pump equipment components (instances)

Maintenance Task Data Sheet Example (XLSX 26KB)

Example Data Sheet for Maintenance Tasks based on ASHRAE Standard 180-2018

XML Schema (XSD)

An XML Schema (XSD) based on the RP-1801 spreadsheet documentation.

1801-RP Asset O&M Documentation Schema (XSD 110KB)

XML Example Data Content Document (XML)

A validated XML content document based on the XML Schema (XSD) populated from the 1801-RP data sheet example spreadsheet documentation.

1801-RP Asset O&M Example Content Document (XML 69KB)

Illustrative Example Equipment Families (RFA) and Schedules (XLXS)

Illustrative example families and schedules described in the End User Guide.

Note that due to file size, the families have been compressed into several archive files.

1801-RP Example AHU Family (ZIP 1630KB)


1801-RP Example Cooling Coil Families (ZIP 326KB)


1801-RP Example Heating Coil Families (ZIP 652KB)


1801-RP Example Supply Fan Families (ZIP 1040KB)


1801-RP Example Return Fan Families (ZIP 1035KB)


1801-RP Example Schedules (ZIP 71KB)