ASHRAE Standard 135 ESI Files

ASHRAE 135 BACnet Energy Services Interface Datatype Definitions


The BACnet ESI document (Addendum135-2020cm) provides the background on the BACnet ESI. That document presents three CSML classes for DR event tracking and evaluation of facility response.

OpenADR communications between an OpenADR VTN and VEN are stored in some local database.

  • DRMessageLog returns a record of all DR messages within a time period (constrained by memory limitations and decisions on what messages to retain) and provides a record of all DR messages stored in memory.
  • DREventSummary provides summary data for a specific event including current status.
  • DRProgram provides basic DR Program information plus a link pointing to some site-specific meter metadata.
Those Compoistions are defined in the BACnet ESI CSML definitions.