ASHRAE Standard 140 Resource Files

Section 12 Accompanying Files

The folder \Std140_TF_Class2_Files\Normative Materials contains the following electronic files for use with the Class II test procedures of Section 12:

  • Colorad.TMY: TMY weather data for Colorado Springs, Colorado, US.
  • Lasvega.TMY: TMY weather data for Las Vegas, Nevada, US.
  • (The format of TMY data is described in Annex A1 of the Standard.)

  • README-RESULTS_TF_Class2.doc: Identifies the normative portion of Std140_TF_Class2_Results.xlsx.

  • Std140_TF_Class2_Results.xlsx: The spreadsheet standard output report for entering simulation results for the program being tested is included as sheet ‘TF_Class2_Output’ within this file. The spreadsheet also contains the example results indicated in Informative Annex B20 of the Standard. This file is further described in informative accompanying file Std140_TF_Class2_Results.docx and Informative Annex B10.

  • S140outNotes.TXT: Standard Output Report for entering modeling notes. Instructions for the Standard Output Reports are included in Annex A2 of the Standard. See S140outNotes_Examples.TXT (in the corresponding “\Informative Materials” subfolder) for example modeling notes.

The folder \Std140_TF_Class2_Files\Informative Materials contains the following electronic files for use with the Class II test procedures of Section 12:

  • Std140_TF_Class2_Results.docx: Documentation for navigating Std140_TF_Class2_Results.xlsx.

  • S140outNotes_Examples.TXT: Example modeling notes.

The subfolder \InputFiles_TF_Class2 contains input files for the example simulation results listed in Informative Annex B20.

README-BEFORE-VIEWING-INPUT-FILES.DOCX: Review this file before opening the input files.

The following lower-tier subfolders contain input files used for the listed simulation program’s example results.

  • Subfolder: Simulation Program
  • \BLAST: BLAST 3.0 Level 215
  • \DOE-2: DOE-2.1E – W54

Within these subfolders input filenames use the same convention as the case results labels in the charts of Informative Annex B20 (see Std140_TF_Class2_Results.xlsx), except the basement files names are:

  • L322A1 = L322AC1Z.*
  • L322A2 = L322AC2Z.*
  • L322B1 = L322BC1Z.*
  • L322B2 = L322BC2Z.*
  • L324A1 = L324AC1Z.*
  • L324A2 = L324AC2Z.*
  • L324B1 = L324BC1Z.*
  • L324B2 = L324BC2Z.*

i.e. the table output designated L322A1 corresponds with the input file L322AC1Z.*, where the file suffix varies as:

  • BLAST = *.BIN
  • DOE2 = *.INP
  • SUNCODE = *.BLG.

The Tier 2 passive solar (P-series) cases cooling load runs use:

  • P100AC = P100ACC.*
  • P105AC = P105ACC.*
  • P110AC = P110ACC.*
  • P140AC = P140ACC.*
  • P150AC = P150ACC.*

The Tier 2 passive solar (P-series) cases heating load input file prefixes match the table labels.