ASHRAE Standard 140 Resource Files

ASHRAE 140 Method of Test for Evaluating Building Performance Simulation Software


This standard specifies test procedures for evaluating the technical capabilities and ranges of applicability of software that simulate the performance of buildings and their systems.


These standard test procedures apply to software that simulate the performance of a building and its systems. While these standard test procedures cannot test all algorithms within a building performance simulation software, they can be used to indicate major flaws or limitations in capabilities.

About ASHRAE Standard 140

This method of test (MOT) was developed to identify and diagnose differences in predictions from building performance simulation software that may be caused by algorithmic differences, modeling limitations, faulty coding, inadequate documentation, or input errors. The procedures test software over a broad range of parametric interactions and for a number of different output types, thus minimizing the concealment of algorithmic differences by compensating errors. Different building performance simulation software programs, representing different degrees of modeling complexity, can be tested. However, some of the tests may be incompatible with some building performance simulation software.

This web site hosts supporting material for Standard 140, including:

  • Accompanying Files are the supporting electronic files to be used with Standard 140.

  • Reference Files provide additional information on the standard and SSPC140.

  • Analysis Files provide the ability to analyze the results from Standard 140 test cases.