ASHRAE Standard 205 Resource Files

XLSX Templates

Templates set up in the XLSX format for users to generate Standard 205 compliant data. These templates will need to be translated into CBOR, but can be validated directly using Toolkit 205.

  • RS0001: Liquid-Cooled Chiller

    Liquid-Cooled Chiller

  • RS0002: Unitary Cooling Air-Conditioning Equipment

    Unitary System with Continuous Fan

    Unitary System with Discrete Fan

  • RS0003: Fan Assembly

    Continuous Fan Assembly

    Discrete Fan Assembly

  • RS0004: Air-to-Air Direct Expansion Refrigerant System

    Air-to-Air Direct Expansion Refrigerant Coil System

  • RS0005: Motor


  • RS0006: Electronic Motor Drive

    Electronic Motor Drive

  • RS0007: Mechanical Drive

    Mechanical Drive